Inspired by Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs house, the farm counts as typical Norwegian architecture.

Inspired by Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs house, the farm counts as typical Norwegian architecture.

World’s Best Luxury Farm Hotels

Le Domaine d’Ablon, Normandy, France

Creation: 18 February 2020 11:18

Re-connect with nature at these 10 charming farm hotels.

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Babylonstoren, South Africa

The name of the 300-year-old farm was taken from the hanging gardens of Babylon. Besides the fruit and citrus trees, the maze made of pear trees is also worth seeing. With its thick walls, fireplaces and white-weighted decor, all the needs of contemporary life are met in the classic farm. While the famous “yellow salad” is considered as one of the most popular dishes in summer, meat cooked in tandoor stands out in winter. Picnics that take place in the oranges are loved every season.

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Le Domaine d’Ablon, Normandy, France

Inspired by Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs house, the farm counts as typical Norwegian architecture. The hotel, which consists of buildings spread over the land, has all kinds of comfort including Bulgari bathroom products. It is possible to have a fairytale holiday in the hotel, which offers vineyards, a kitchen garden and the most beautiful of nature.
  • 3/10

Castello di Reschio, Perugia, Italy

The hotel in the Umbria region has a winery, local handcrafted shop and a restaurant focused on the region’s cuisine. Guests staying in rooms with contemporary décor and a pool can go for truffle and porcini mushroom hunting, attend cooking classes or ride horses on giant terrain.
  • 4/10

The Inn – Dos Brisas, Washington, Texas

The structure, which was housed by Union soldiers during the American Civil War, stands out with its Spanish colonial style architecture. Walking, cycling and shooting practice alternatives are also offered. The food made with organic crops grown in 40 acres of fields, and the fireplace of the restaurant, which is among the best in the province, was brought from a castle in France.
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Kahanda Kanda, Sri Lanka

The 10-room hotel in the region, known for its tea production, is preferred for forest and Koggala Lake views. The restaurant of the hotel, which has a Mediterranean architecture, draws attention with the modern interpretation it brings to the classical Sri Lanka cuisine. It should not be forgotten about culinary lessons, trips to Galle and Dutch Castles and Yalal Reserve safaris where the most leopards live in the world.

  • 6/10

The Willow’s Inn, Lummi Island, Washington

The farm, which has been open since 1912, is known for its award-winning restaurant on the island on the Canadian border of the state, with its natural red salmon and the ‘sea to plate’ concept. Guests can observe whales by opening to the sea with fishermen and collect blackberries on the walking track.
  • 7/10

Ballymaloe House, County Cork, Ireland

The hotel, which was converted into a restaurant in 1960, was later added to the hotel section. Guests can stay in the main building or other structures located on the grounds and attend famous kitchen courses. Five teas served in the conservatory are among the experiences not to be missed.
  • 8/10

The Royal Mail Hotel, Victoria, Australia

Three hours from Melbourne, the hotel is preferred for its magnificent scenery, relaxation and incredible cuisine. Guests staying in the main building or stone houses may find it difficult to choose from the 40-year-old melon of the famous restaurant, known as the best in Australia.
  • 9/10

Hacienda de San Antonio, Mexico

The 25-room farm, once a coffee plantation, stands out with its unique location on the outskirts of Mexico’s volcano. In addition to producing its own coffee, it is possible to take part in the food tours organized at different locations in the land, and examine the rare works of Mexican art in the hotel where it is made with 20 different cheeses.
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Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts

On the slope of Mount Liamuiga, it is possible to stay in houses spread across the land, called environmentally sensitive luxury. It is possible to relax in the nature with the peaceful pace of the hotel, which stands out with its kitchen that uses the materials where everything is grown on the farm and the “snap” signs attached to ripe fruits on the trees.