‰‰‰How do we get to the perfect bikini ‰‰‰

‰‰‰How do we get to the perfect bikini ‰‰‰

‰‰‰How do we get to the

perfect bikini ‰‰‰

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We explain the little tricks of having a perfect bikini.

It is very important to get to know your body and dress according to your body type in order to look physically good and be pleased with your appearance. Especially in the summer, in order to make peace with your body, which is more visible on the beaches; Choose models that not only look good but suit you. In addition to comfort, it is also important that you feel good in it.


‰‰‰How do we get to the perfect bikini ‰‰‰

You can have a large chest or large chest area from your shoulders. To make your chest area smaller, all you have to do is draw attention to a different area in your body. You can try arched designs, one-piece swimsuits. Do not forget that you can distract by choosing a bikini top in dark and light colors.

Welcome to the situation where the classic filled triangle bikini works best! A slightly revealing bikini top makes your breasts look fuller. Of course, this also depends on the rest of your body, but you can still get the look you want by playing with colors. If your bikini top is lighter and your bottom is darker, you can create the impression that your breasts are larger.


To make your legs look more elegant, feminine and long, add bikini models with side straps. You can choose models with a trend of the 80s up to the backbone.


A plain and monochromatic swimsuit is one of the best choices to look taller on a beach where we can’t wear too many pieces and apply various tricks. If you prefer a bikini or patterned design, it is highly likely to draw attention to your body.


One-piece swimwear models with a detachable belt can make your waist look thinner, or if you already have a thin waist, let it stand out. Moreover, you can wear this type of swimsuit instead of body even at night. The use of the belt also helps the larger breasts look more proportional as it divides the body in two.


If you want your hips to look a bit bigger and more attractive, you can choose colorful and high waisted bikinis. We are sure that you will have the most different style of the beach with its vintage look. Decorations such as smocking and bow allow you to capture the image you want.


If you don’t like hanger burns and want to show your shoulders a little wider at the same time, you can try out the open-shoulder alternatives by applying the season’s clothing trend to bikinis and swimsuits. Do not forget to consider the strap-on or strapless models such as bandages.


‰‰‰How do we get to the

perfect bikini ‰‰‰